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Meet Adam Davis


Adam Davis is a former law enforcement officer and author of five books, and highly sought-after speaker. Most notably, Adam is known for his work on Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement and his most recent release which he co-authored with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (US Army, RET), Bulletproof Marriage: a 90-Day Devotional (Taya Kyle narrated the audiobook with Adam Davis and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.)

As a writer, Adam has been featured on some of the largest publications in the nation including: Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, The Huffington Post,, and Law Enforcement Today. As a motivational speaker, Adam has presented for the University of Alabama, Auburn University Department of Economic Development, TEDx Troy University, law enforcement agencies, military bases, and many seminars with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Taya Kyle, and other American patriots.

After his career in law enforcement in 2015, Adam began to focus solely on serving those who serve us. He has been recognized as being one of the fastest growing voices of advocacy for law enforcement in America. Adam shares openly about his bout with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse. His transparency and vulnerability empower others to make positive life-changes and overcome tremendous adversity.

Today, Adam continues to dedicate his life to helping others navigate through the challenges of marriage and overcoming adversity in life through his writing, speaking, media interviews and serving as Director of Outreach for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. You can stay up to date with Adam's events and new releases by visiting





Bulletproof Marriage is masterfully authored by a man who has been on the streets.

J. Ramos, Retired Texas Ranger

In "Bulletproof Marriage, Adam Davis has managed to explain so many topics that have been problematic in a way my LEO now understands what I have expressed for 30 years. My husband and I have been through a very rough season due to an event on duty. Bulletproof has been a huge help to us. Our marriage is stronger than it has ever been. Spouses, if your LEO is becoming short tempered, apathetic, withdrawn, or otherwise not himself, encourage him to talk to a counselor.

J. Barnette

We just completed our 90 day journey through this amazing devotional. We wrote our thoughts down each day and I am so thankful we did. Now we not only have this incredible resource as a law enforcement couple, but we have our own thoughts we can look back on and see how we've changed through the years. My prayer is that we continue to grow in faith, and we remain intentional on protecting our marriage. I'm so glad I came across this treasure.

Kristie J., May 8

We just finished Day 39! This is blessing us so much! We are discovering things about each other that we didn’t know and we are growing closer each day!

Alicia K.

My husband and I are on day 2 of the devotional. We were at dinner and our 3 year old kept touching his plate with her bread , he snapped and said Stop Please! We went to do our devotional and it’s all about the tone. We had a good discussion on tone and even how my tone could help him feel loved and respected.

Karin H., March 8

This is a nightstand necessity.I’m so happy to have found this book. This devotional has already spoken to my husband and I in so many ways and we’ve joked about how we feel like it was written specifically for he and I. It’s well written, easy to read, and leaves me wanting to read a few extra days ahead each time because they are just so good. Adam, thank you for your continued tenacity in spreading His word and your support of all those who wear these uniforms. The man upstairs has given our spouses (and/or ourselves) incredibly heroic hearts to help them put on a uniform every day and brave the unknown in this scary world. And with that he has given YOU the tools to help shape His word into a book full of support and reminders that we aren’t alone in this hectic lifestyle. Our unconditional love and support for our spouses is dire to their mental well being and, ultimately, their safety.

Amanda J., Feb 9