Popcorn Friday is owned and ran by Dan and Priscilla. Dan, originally from NE Texas, retired from the Marine Corps at the beginning of 2015, after 20 years of faithful service as a Combat Camera Marine. Priscilla, his wife of 17 years, learned to cook at about the age of twelve and has been conjuring up ways to make her recipes 'pop' ever since. Dan says, "She's the creative, strategic thinker; I'm the technical, operations type."

This veteran-owned and operated company has partnered with several businesses, including the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, by providing the perfect appreciation gifts and event snacks.

Their family settled in the Texas Hill Country area and they just celebrated two years of creating fun and amazing popcorn. Their hope is that their efforts will help make lasting memories and bring families and friends closer together.

We are very proud to have them as a partner. You can learn more about Popcorn Friday by visiting their website at popcornfriday.com