Our ambassador Steve Torrence is one-of-a-kind. An NHRA World Top Fuel Champion, Kilgore, TX-based Torrence has been on the wildest roller coaster ride along the way.

As a teenager, he survived a bout of cancer - Hodgkin’s lymphoma - and then won his first National Championship in Top Alcohol. He then moved to the highest level of the fastest sport on planet earth, driving a Top Fuel dragster at nearly 330 mph!

In 2016, Steve suffered a heart attack following a strenuous workout. Within 16 days, he was back behind the wheel and went on to finish third in the Championship that year. The team went on to win the Championship in 2018.

Five days a week, Torrence works at Capco Contractors, the family business where he bids pipeline construction jobs and entertains active and potential clients. During racing season, he usually flies out of Kilgore on Friday and returns Sunday night, reporting for work on Monday mornings.

He is the quintessential small town success story.

The family’s Capco Contractors Top Fuel team have been huge supporters of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. “Chris was all about God, family and country,” Torrence said. “He was passionate about those things and so am I. The fact that we’re both Texans and that we shared a love of the outdoors and of properly-used firearms made this association a no-brainer." Over recent years, they've hosted many military and first responder couples at their races - giving them a first-hand experience of the thrill of Top Fuel!