Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to Honor Those Who Serve at the Chris Kyle Birthday Bash

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to Honor Those Who Serve at the Chris Kyle Birthday Bash Warner Bros. to gift DVDs along with previously announced $150,000 donation to the foundation. More than 200 Texas military and first responder couples to experience a special “Date Night Out” featuring veteran, country music star and TV personality Craig Morgan. Midlothian, Texas (March 29, 2016) – The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, dedicated to serving military and first responders through meaningful interactive experiences that enrich family relationships will be celebrating the life of Navy Seal Chris Kyle at Dallas’ famed Gilley’s on April 9, 2016. The event, which takes place the day after Chris Kyle’s birthday, is the launch of the foundation’s “Date Night Out” programming for military and first responder couples and will be supported by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (Warner Bros.). The evening, a gift from the foundation to families who serve, will include special salutes from Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Executive Director Taya Kyle and entertainment by veteran, country music star and TV personality Craig Morgan. In addition, the foundation will present its 2016 Chris Kyle Birthday Grants to organizations that have a deep commitment to serving the children of military and first responder families. The 2016 Chris Kyle Birthday Grants recipients include Camp Southern Ground ($100,000), Camp COPE ($25,000) and the Erik Hite Foundation ($25,000). These grants further the foundation’s mission of enriching family relationships by focusing on children. This is a natural complement to Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s programming that focuses on military and first responder marriages. “Chris’ birthday is an opportunity for us to honor his open and generous heart through many gifts to our constituents,” said Taya Kyle. “Not only are we blessed... Read More

Celebrating Veterans Day and CKFF’s Anniversary

Celebrating Veterans Day and CKFF’s Anniversary Dear Friends, Like many of you, I am surprised when milestones come along. It reminds me how quickly time flies. A year ago today, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) whose mission is to honor God and Country by serving families who serve, officially became a reality. So much has happened in just one year! My children and I have been blessed to travel this country meeting many of you, hearing your stories of both the challenges and the joys of service. We feel fortunate to connect those who serve with those who stand along side our service members in passionate support. No matter what we hear in the media, there is a beautiful majority of people out there who do get it! The team at CKFF took a leap of faith. We started down a path that seemed overwhelming at the time. A path serving a niche not being helped. We envisioned a foundation serving marriages of first responders and military members, and our passion came with lofty goals. I am relieved and emotional to tell you, we are making a difference. We do it with prayer and we do it with all of you! Without a doubt we are nothing without your support, and we are grateful! Less than 1% of our citizens have agreed to give their lives to this country in military or first responder service. Chris said, “You don’t have to be a warrior to have that warrior spirit.” What can the other 99% of us do to show the spirit Chris talked about? We can stand for those who serve. We can prevent... Read More

Taya Kyle Announces Chris Kyle Birthday Grants

Taya Kyle Announces Chris Kyle Birthday Grants Hello friends, Today is Chris’s birthday. I’m writing today to share some great news with you and to invite you to join me in celebrating Chris and his legacy. It is hard to believe that it was only 5 months ago that we launched the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation on Veterans Day. Since then, we’ve had the low moments that remain a part of our grieving process, but we’ve also been able to experience new hope as we have worked to build something good with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. For that, I am incredibly grateful. After the holidays, our team went through the exciting process of publicly launching the foundation with an 8-city benefit screening of the film American Sniper. Since that launch, we’ve seen the public embrace the American Sniper movie, shattering records with their support. Under the surface of that success, behind all of the photos and red carpets and interviews, our team has been working to build the kind of foundation that serves as a lasting legacy honoring the passionate, fierce, protective, intense, loving, mischief-making man that was my husband. Today, on Chris’s birthday, I’m excited to share with you the some of the results of that work. April 8 used to be a great day in our family, but to be honest it has been difficult to feel anything other than an overwhelming sense of loss on Chris’s birthday over the past 2 years. What should be a day celebrating an extraordinary life has instead been a day of almost unbearable sadness and reflection. This year we’re doing something different: We are celebrating Chris’s... Read More