Giving Tuesday 2018

Dear Supporters, Today is Giving Tuesday, a day when many start thinking about giving back to support the causes they deeply care about.  At CKFF, every day is a giving day as we give back to the marriages of men and women who serve, or have served our country. As we enjoy our great American traditions this holiday season, our thoughts are especially with military and first responders who are sacrificing their holidays to serve and protect our country and communities. Since 2014, our foundation has impacted 1,800+ individuals in the service community.  Unfortunately, we are only able to help roughly 15% of couples who reach out to us for retreats. We need your financial help to serve 100% of those who wish to benefit from the marriage-strengthening programs CKFF provides. Join our #GivingTuesday campaign by making a donation today.  Each donation will help support our mission and our programs.  You can quickly and easily make a donation online by clicking here: https://donate.chriskylefrogfoundation.org Our military and first responders do their part to protect and serve us and our country. Help us create experiences to support our vision of a country of connected and thriving military and first responder families. Happy Holidays and God Bless- Taya Kyle Co-Founder & Executive Director Chris Kyle Frog... Read More

Taya’s Update – CKFF impacting over 8 marriages per week!

Taya’s Update – CKFF impacting over 8 marriages per week! We launched the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in 2014 with the aim of making a difference in the lives of married service couples around the country. By providing opportunities that life in the military or as a first responder may not afford them; whether that be due to time constraints, financial hardship and sadly, of course, injury or treatment; the CKFF team is doing whatever it takes to serve the marriages of those that serve us.  I remember the emotion of the first award call we made – then meeting that couple in Jamaica and how excited they were.  I’m proud to see the development of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation since that time. We now have four programs in operation – Date Night Out, Revitalization Retreats, Empowered Spouses Retreat and Mastering Your Marriage. This first quarter of 2018 has allowed us to serve more couples than ever before.   So far in 2018 on average, over 8 marriages per week have been impacted by a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Program. The number equates to around 2.5 people every single day within the service community over the past three months that is feeling the support of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation! We’ve had so many amazing couples come into our ‘CKFF Family’ with heart-warming stories to tell.   Overwhelmingly, when a couple has been impacted by a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation program, the feedback also has common themes of affirmation: “we felt instantly at peace”, “we were able to communicate in ways we haven’t for years”, “he/she changed from the moment we arrived”, “we’ve continued to communicate since returning and things have never been... Read More

CKFF Values – Loyalty

CKFF Values – Loyalty Loyalty. A simple word with life-changing meaning. Loyalty to God, country, and family shaped Chris’s and my life and continues to drive our mission at Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. When Chris and I started our lives together, we were full of hope. We thought it would be easy to remain loyal to God, country, and family. Maybe we were naïve, but we were devoted to all with unquestioned passion. And we thought it would be easy. As time passed and we experienced things we could never have predicted, we saw what many before us had already learned: nothing in life is quite that simple. Even when your values are aligned, loyalty can be tenuous. It’s often tested. Our country let us down at times, as countries will. The threats against our family seemed endless. But loyalty to each other saved us. As we fought off these threats, we lost trust in earthly things – but we grew to understand human frailties. Our struggles blessed us with a chance to see how ultimately we are not in control yet still have God to lean on. We put our hope in God, and God saw us through. God was ever loyal to us. He never left us. He became stronger in our weakness. Along the way, we came to understand more fully God’s loyalty. He loves us not because of who we are, but because of who He is. We discovered how powerful He is. And we learned that we could share His strength by simply starting a conversation with Him. Through our personal interactions with God and the people who... Read More

March Update from Taya

I am so grateful to all of you who support Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and our mission to Honor God, Country, and Families Who Serve by caring for military and first responder marriages. Why are these marriages in need of our support? Because all marriages need help sometimes. When you add the fight against evil, trauma in the streets, fear for the safety of spouses, an inability to commit to plans due to job requirements, among other things, these marriages take more hits than most. The best way to serve those who serve us is to preserve the foundation they come home to. Did you know that only about 1% of our citizens serve? The remaining 99% of us can show our gratitude by helping these families survive, and ideally thrive, while serving. A healthy marriage changes the dynamic for the individuals, the family unit and future generations who see their parents keep love alive even through life’s setbacks. The CKFF team and I are so excited to be able to include a phenomenal program to our mix this year. Our Mastering Your Marriage program is launching through a partnership with both Baylor University and University of Texas. With your support, we were able to provide grants for research for military and first responder marriages specifically. Benefits of the research will go directly back into the couples you have entrusted us to serve. CKFF’s Revitalization Retreats, Date Night Out and Empowered Spouses Retreats have already changed lives in astounding ways. I believe this is because God is at the core of what we do. He brings us together to serve one... Read More

2016 Holiday Grant to Camp Southern Ground

2016 Holiday Grant to Camp Southern Ground It is with great honor that we present our 2016 Holiday Grants, a total of $300,000 to three organizations that further expand our mission and commitment to serving military and first responder marriages and families. Last week, we announced $200,000 in Holiday Grants to the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University and The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work to help launch our new Mastering Your Marriage program. Today, my heart is full as I share with you the story of the third $100,000 recipient of our 2016 Holiday Grants – Camp Southern Ground. Camp Southern Ground is a state of the art campground built on a beautiful piece of property in Georgia where the grass is green, the trees are tall, and you can feel positive energy. Our friends Zac and Shelly Brown created Camp Southern Ground with heart and vision we trust. You can feel their passion for blessing others through this camp. Their patriotism is a big part of it. They have employed veterans and allowed us to name an obstacle course after Chris in honor of those who serve in addition to committing use of the camp for our marriage retreats and military children. Every detail has been designed for the health and therapeutic benefit for campers. Physical opportunities incorporate team building and exploration of new abilities. There is an organic garden for campers to learn about health and food. They tend to the garden and enjoy the food they pick prepared by top-notch chefs. Foods aren’t just gluten and dairy-free; they are delicious! I had the opportunity to meet Chef... Read More

The Choice to Love

The Choice to Love I once heard a pastor in a wedding ceremony say, “Sometimes in marriage, you will not feel ‘in love’. On those days you will choose to love.” In society today I feel like people want so much handed to them instead of accepting and appreciating the reward in working for something. We don’t get jobs and promotions simply by wishing it were so. We have to work to get the paycheck and ️sometimes we have to muscle through the times when we don’t want to work, but are expected to, in order to get the paycheck or the reward for our efforts. Marriage is no different. We don’t magically have a feeling that lasts for years without work. We don’t get years of uninterrupted bliss with another person. No marriage, no soulmates, no relationships, no two people cruise along without any effort for years on end. I was talking with some friends this weekend. They have been married for 20 years and she expressed how much she has grown by sticking through the hard times. It’s what most happily married people will tell you: it took work; with that work they grew much more than they ever would have alone. They achieved depth and richness in love that they wouldn’t have gotten if they had given up. When you work through difficulties, you find the true power of marriage. The beauty and the magic happen when you stay through the trials. In marriage, you have the ability to learn more about yourself and your partner than in just about any other adventure in life. You learn grace, mercy, forgiveness... Read More