Empowered Spouses Retreat Launch

Empowered Spouses Retreat Launch Recently, one of my dreams came true in the mountains of Wyoming. Twenty first-responder and military spouses from across the country set their lives aside to venture into the wilderness for a brand new program they knew little about, the Empowered Spouses Retreat. They were prepared to commune with women they didn’t know and to engage in activities unfamiliar to them. These women are brave in every sense of the word. Many had previously been part of another unique program we offer, Revitalization Retreats. These events are tailor-made for individual couples that provide a weekend away with their spouse without the stresses of service life. I would like to think some of these spouses trusted our team from experiences with our other programs, but this adventure still required tremendous courage. Just showing up was courageous. (Did I mention there was no cell phone reception and very little Wi-Fi access?) Many of these brave women had never been away from their children for longer than a few hours, and certainly most had never left them for five days to travel to an area where they couldn’t be reached! Our destination was remote and our accommodations were cabins with bunk beds and shared bathrooms. Truly like a really cool summer camp, but for grown women. When Chris was alive, I had a dream of bringing spouses together to share their experiences and to support each other. Knowing you aren’t alone in your battles can be one of the most healing things a person can experience. Just knowing that someone might have answers and is willing to share them with you, knowing... Read More

Celebrating Veterans Day and CKFF’s Anniversary

Celebrating Veterans Day and CKFF’s Anniversary Dear Friends, Like many of you, I am surprised when milestones come along. It reminds me how quickly time flies. A year ago today, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) whose mission is to honor God and Country by serving families who serve, officially became a reality. So much has happened in just one year! My children and I have been blessed to travel this country meeting many of you, hearing your stories of both the challenges and the joys of service. We feel fortunate to connect those who serve with those who stand along side our service members in passionate support. No matter what we hear in the media, there is a beautiful majority of people out there who do get it! The team at CKFF took a leap of faith. We started down a path that seemed overwhelming at the time. A path serving a niche not being helped. We envisioned a foundation serving marriages of first responders and military members, and our passion came with lofty goals. I am relieved and emotional to tell you, we are making a difference. We do it with prayer and we do it with all of you! Without a doubt we are nothing without your support, and we are grateful! Less than 1% of our citizens have agreed to give their lives to this country in military or first responder service. Chris said, “You don’t have to be a warrior to have that warrior spirit.” What can the other 99% of us do to show the spirit Chris talked about? We can stand for those who serve. We can prevent... Read More

Taya Kyle Announces Launch of Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Taya Kyle Announces Launch of Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Hello friends, I can’t think of a better day than Veterans Day to be able to make this announcement! In the past year and 9 months since Chris was taken from us, I have worked with a single goal in mind: to keep his legacy of service to God, family and country alive, I am passionate about serving the families who serve our country so heroically. Today, I am humbled, honored, and thrilled to announce the launch of The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to serving military and first responder families. Our goal is to provide experiences helping families reconnect after deployments, military involvement, and time spent serving those in crisis here at home. We will help couples create the new common ground they need to build a future together after the trauma of time apart. Our vision is to create a country of connected and thriving service members and first responder families. My vision for CKF Foundation grew out of the common experiences all military and first responder families go through. Chris and I loved each other with all our hearts, and his deployments put a terrible strain on our marriage. Each time he came home, we each had to adjust to knowing another layer of our spouse. We had to adjust to the roles the other had taken on in our time apart and figure out how to manage them back into a working family structure until the next deployment. It was hard. When Chris was home from deployments, he often had to go on training trips. On one rare occasion he had a couple... Read More