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Host an Event

Please review the following terms & conditions in the event that your request is approved by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) and we grant the use of our name and logo.

Terms & Conditions for Use of the CKFF Name and Logo

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation helps protect and promote our brand by ensuring that the public can properly identify and associate the Foundation’s name and logo with officially licensed products that have been approved by the Foundation. By requesting permission to host an event, your organization agrees to the following terms and conditions on this page.

The Foundation requires that all members of the community, as well as all external manufacturers and vendors, obtain approval before producing any materials that displays the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation name or logo.

To maintain the credibility and integrity of our logo, it must be protected from inappropriate use. Below are the parameters specifically for our logo:

  • The logo must be used in connection with promoting public awareness of Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, or recognize an affiliation with you or your organization
  • The logo must always be clearly visible and distinct from the background
  • The logo must be the same height as the highest other logo(s) on the same line/space
  • Always ensure the logo is at a legible size and it should always remain at 90 degrees (not angled)
  • The proportions of the mark must always remain true (no stretching)

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation reserves the right to request that publications be removed from circulation if the document does not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

If you are not inquiring on behalf of an organization, write "Self"
If you do not have an exact address, provide the city and state
Give us a brief description of your event
Number of guests you expect to attend this event