I’m excited to announce my second book, American Spirit, will be released on April 2nd! I would love for you to join me on this wonderful journey to the heart of America seen through this collection of inspiring true stories.

Chris always said people don’t need a handout - they need a hand up. These stories show what can be done when our citizens use their freedom to help their neighbors in unique and life-changing ways.

On the journey through American Spirit, you’ll meet over 30 diverse and amazing individuals who have had mountains to climb, or who have shown up to help someone else climb theirs. All have gone on to make an impact on this world.

These stories excite me because they remind me how meaningful all of our lives are when we simply show up and do the right thing. They prove that every action has the potential to start someone else’s movement.

When life threatened to drag me down, these stories also reminded me that the inherent goodness of man FAR outweighs the instances and choices some make for evil. They emphasize the importance of remembering the fear-based narrative we are bombarded with on a daily basis isn’t actually the bulk of what’s happening in this awesome country of ours.

People say we have so much negative news because negative news sells. I really hope I’m right that it’s time for our focus to be on what’s right about people and what’s good about the American Spirit. The things that have nothing to do with politics and have everything to do with people using their freedom to love others - these things add a beacon of light into the world - and in so doing, change the world and our country for the better.

I worked with my friend, Jim DeFelice (co-author of American Sniper and American Wife) to bring these inspiring stories to you for whatever time or stage of life you’re in. The people featured range from children to elderly. After all, each one of us has the potential to contribute to the best of our collective soul.

Let’s start changing the world by starting our own movement. Let’s show how many of us not only care about the good in the world but how much we recognize its importance.

If you can swing it, I would really appreciate your support in pre-ordering your copy.

Thank you for going on the journey with me!

God bless you,

Micah 6:8

A portion of the proceeds help the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation's (CKFF) mission to support military and first responder marriages and families.