Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I am surprised when milestones come along. It reminds me how quickly time flies. A year ago today, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) whose mission is to honor God and Country by serving families who serve, officially became a reality. So much has happened in just one year! My children and I have been blessed to travel this country meeting many of you, hearing your stories of both the challenges and the joys of service. We feel fortunate to connect those who serve with those who stand along side our service members in passionate support. No matter what we hear in the media, there is a beautiful majority of people out there who do get it!

The team at CKFF took a leap of faith. We started down a path that seemed overwhelming at the time. A path serving a niche not being helped. We envisioned a foundation serving marriages of first responders and military members, and our passion came with lofty goals. I am relieved and emotional to tell you, we are making a difference. We do it with prayer and we do it with all of you! Without a doubt we are nothing without your support, and we are grateful!

Less than 1% of our citizens have agreed to give their lives to this country in military or first responder service. Chris said, “You don’t have to be a warrior to have that warrior spirit.” What can the other 99% of us do to show the spirit Chris talked about? We can stand for those who serve. We can prevent the veteran suicides of the future by being the grateful nation they deserve to come home to. And, we can do more…

What has your warrior spirit and support of CKFF done for our country? It has done A LOT! We have seen this in so many ways -spreading awareness of CKFF, providing financial support, praying for the work we do- all of it helps us forge ahead bringing our collective warrior spirit to those who need someone to fight for them as they fight for all us. We may never know the energy that is created by loving each other through pain and struggle, but I do know it continues farther than any of us can see.

Two of the programs we are most proud of this year are:

CKFF Revitalization Retreats that have served military and first responder couples to provide time, space and financial and other resources to afford time away and focus on each other. I think you can tell what these retreats mean to our couples just from these brief video clips of two of our calls.

Chris Kyle Birthday Grants have blessed some amazing programs that needed support to continue impacting lives of service members.

Every day the CKFF team is working in service to military and first responder families. Literally, every day I see emails, get a text, or receive an update from our team and it makes me so proud to know that the folks on the CKFF team are passionate about the Foundation’s mission. We’re just getting started, and we’ll continue working to raise the visibility of our military and first responder families and the challenges they face.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and for walking on this journey with us. YOU make the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation possible.

God Bless you and your family,


Micah 6:8