“Upon retiring from the Army, I finally realized the affect my service to our country had on our family. We were splintered. We did not speak to each other, but at each other. We were not truly happy, but going through the motions.”

Rich is a retired non-Commissioned Army Officer who was awarded a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Revitalization Retreat in Destin, FL thanks to ResortQuest with his wife, Gwen.

The couple was battling to connect after his service, however Rich and Gwen are a true Chris Kyle Frog Foundation success story.

“We both freely admit that when we arrived in Destin, we were not in a great place,” Rich reflected. “Moving into that resort, 19 stories above the Florida ocean, we immediately felt relaxed. It was surreal that we were awarded the retreat.

“From there we immediately started to re-connect, some of those communication barriers that we had in place were coming down. The Foundation just let us be us – and it worked.”

Rich first found out about the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation when he read Chris’ autobiography, American Sniper for the first time. He investigated it and nominated himself and Gwen for a Revitalization Retreat through the Foundation’s website www.ckffdn.org.

“The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation just doesn’t talk the talk, it walks the walk,” he said. “Every member of the Foundation staff and their partners, like ResortQuest are invested in assisting the marriages of military and first responder couples – and they truly care.

“It gave us the chance to re-ignite the passion that first got us together – and the Foundation is setup in such a way that it doesn’t stop once you leave that weekend of activities.

“After we went on the Revitalization Retreat, we felt we hadn’t just gained one another again – we gained another family – the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation family.”

Now two years on, Rich is engaging with military and first responder units on a regular basis about his life in the military. As part of the alumni, he is invited to be part of award calls also.

“In every speech I give, when I get to my transition period (out of the Army) and beyond, I thank CKFF for all they have done for my wife and me. I also promote CKFF at every chance I get,” he added.

“I also make myself available to every award call I possibly can to share the work of the Foundation with couples that were in the position we were before October 2015.”

The pair are now happy together enjoying a post service life – which may not have occurred if Rich didn’t take the chance after reading American Sniper and nominating for that Revitalization Retreat.

Service couples in military and first responder units or veterans can nominate themselves for a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation program at www.ckffdn.org – or if you know of a service couple that deserves a break – feel free to nominate them.

Donations and corporate partners – like ResortQuest – allow the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to achieve its mission of Honoring God, Country, Family and Serving the Marriages of Those who Serve Us.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit based in Texas.

More information about Resort Quest and their vacation offerings at their website www.resortquest.com.