The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation continues to service the marriages of those who serve us by providing opportunities to service couples to re-connect through unique experiences, such as that provided with the Torrence Racing NHRA Top Fuel team.

After dining among the team they are taken to the start line for the most exhilarating experience in sport – feeling a Top Fuel dragster launch and the 2.6 it registers on the Richter scale and see it going from 0 to 60mph in one full circulation of the massive rear tires.

Our service couple from Oklahoma – where she was in the Army for nine years – that recently went out to the event in Texas on a Revitalization Retreat had an amazing time. The rigors of service has been taking its toll on their marriage – to the point of them almost splitting. Thanks to the opportunity they received from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and PIRTEK, they were able to reconnect as a result of the experience and enjoy the downtime together – to the point where they felt they could go on together, such was the positive impact of escaping for a day with each other.

Donations to CKFF and proceeds that come to the Foundation from merchandise sales along with donors, such as PIRTEK, Kohls and USAA among others allow the Foundation to create such experiences for service couples and meet its mission to Honor God, Country, Family while changing the world for this generation and the next by recognizing and strengthening first responder, military and veteran marriages.