A simple word with life-changing meaning. Loyalty to God, country, and family shaped Chris’s and my life and continues to drive our mission at Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

When Chris and I started our lives together, we were full of hope. We thought it would be easy to remain loyal to God, country, and family. Maybe we were naïve, but we were devoted to all with unquestioned passion.

And we thought it would be easy.

As time passed and we experienced things we could never have predicted, we saw what many before us had already learned: nothing in life is quite that simple. Even when your values are aligned, loyalty can be tenuous. It’s often tested.

Our country let us down at times, as countries will. The threats against our family seemed endless. But loyalty to each other saved us. As we fought off these threats, we lost trust in earthly things – but we grew to understand human frailties. Our struggles blessed us with a chance to see how ultimately we are not in control yet still have God to lean on. We put our hope in God, and God saw us through.

God was ever loyal to us. He never left us. He became stronger in our weakness. Along the way, we came to understand more fully God’s loyalty. He loves us not because of who we are, but because of who He is. We discovered how powerful He is. And we learned that we could share His strength by simply starting a conversation with Him.

Through our personal interactions with God and the people who rallied around us, we found the strength we could not do without. There was never just one answer or one person sent to save us. Each had his or her lives to save and their earthly battles to fight. But those moments with different people, divinely orchestrated over time, saved us.

We came to understand that our loyalty had to be to God first, and that we had to share that loyalty with others. We saw Him touch the lives of those around us, and learned by example. We began to know that He could and would change hearts – our own and those around us. It proved to be awe inspiring.

Through the beauty of others, we learned lessons that saved and strengthened our marriage, giving us the solid foundation we both needed to fight another day for God, country and each other. It was a lesson in loyalty deeper than any we had hoped for.

Now it is my turn – our turn – to pass on that hard-won knowledge, building on it in new and innovative ways to help other service families.

At CKFF, we pray that with your help, we can be a vessel of hope serving those who put it all on the line for us. When they wonder who is loyal to them, we hope to show them with our actions that we are loyal both to God and to them. We can be the hope they need to re-build bridges and strengthen the loyalty they need at home with the people they need the most. We hope to show them the power of God to mend and strengthen the weary even in their weakest moments.

Thank you for supporting our mission to Honor God, Country and Families Who Serve by supporting the marriages and families of those who sacrifice so much to protect our country and communities.