We’re excited to update you about our next round of retreats happening this fall. We’ve had a great time putting this slate of retreats together, and some dedicated sponsors and volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to help make all of this possible.


Revitalization Retreats are the flagship program at CKFF and are directly inspired by the personal experience of Chris and Taya. Some of Boots on the Beach Justin & Jaime with Taya Kyleyou may have heard Taya tell the story of when she and Chris were gifted with a weekend away during a challenging time. She and Chris were able to downshift and de-stress. They laughed and ate too much and enjoyed just being with each other. Chris and Taya’s weekend retreat was an awakening and reminded them of what they loved about each other—just when they needed it most. And that’s our goal for CKFF Revitalization Retreats. CKFF Retreats can range from an event-focused retreat like our first retreat planned for Boots on the Beach in Jamaica or an event-free weekend planned at a nearby city or special spot. CKFF, with the help of our friends and partners, takes care of everything, including all expenses, planning, and arrangements. We even arrange for childcare or elder care for aging parents if needed. We want our couples to escape from worry.

To make all of this happen, it takes a village, or in our case—a team of patriots.

To achieve the difficult task of slating these fall retreats, we recruited an all-star group that was led by Executive Director Taya Kyle and included CKFF board members, leaders and board members of other nonprofit foundations, as well as veterans who are focused on giving back. We developed a set of criteria with the goal of creating a standardized process that ensured consistency but also left room each committee member’s personal perspective. And we developed a process to verify information to ensure accountability. We want you to know that selecting the couples from our nominations list was an honor, but was also excruciating because we’d like to award a retreat to every couple on the list (a sentiment expressed by everyone on our selection committee). We would like to award a retreat to every military and first responder family that is struggling and needs a boost to reconnect and get back on course as a family—and that’s why we’ll continue to reach out with campaigns like our recent Chris Kyle Memorial T-shirt sold through Represent. CKFF is just starting out, but we are passionately dedicated to growing our ability to serve and strengthen military and first responder families.

While our selection committee was pouring over nominations and working to narrow the list for this fall’s retreats, our team was working with some amazing patriots who have stepped up to sponsor retreats and to support our military and first responder families.


As retreats occur, we’ll share more information, but today, we want to recognize and thank Chan Cox, who reached out to help us plan two retreats. Chan is a successful entrepreneur who is committed to bringing the best food and wine options to residents and visitors to Florida’s Emerald Coast. He’s also a dedicated (but quiet) philanthropist, who started the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, which raises millions of dollars annually that fund nonprofit organizations supporting children at risk and in need. We’ll tell you more about Chan, and this special retreat in tomorrow’s update.

And we have other friends and partners who are supporting upcoming retreats that we’ll be sure to tell you about in our next updates. We are so grateful and blessed with the commitment of the friends who have decided that being an American citizen means that you find a way to serve.

Once we had our selection committee in place and our partners lined up, it was time to notify the couples selected for this round of retreats. This is good stuff, and what we live for at CKFF. Stay tuned on Facebook and twitter for upcoming call clips.

We’ll have more to share tomorrow about our first fall retreat and the amazing couple that was selected. As we move into fall, we’ll do our best to keep you updated and a part of the process. For now, we just want to say THANK YOU for your commitment to giving back and to supporting our military and first responder families, and thank you for helping us to create programs like our Revitalization Retreats. We have big plans for new programs, so please keep in touch and join us on the journey.

With Gratitude,

The CKFF Team