One of America’s most respected war heroes, Lt. Col. Oliver North will deliver the keynote address at the Chicago Gala that benefits the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

The Gala event at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare is a major fundraising event for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which was launched in honor of American Sniper, Chris Kyle by his wife Taya in 2014 following his murder.

The Foundation’s unique mission is to provide experiences to enhance the marriages of active duty military, veteran and first responder couples – or put simply – to serve the marriages of those who serve our country. Divorce rates, along with the pressures on the family unit are proven to be significantly higher for service couples.

These days, Lt. Col. North dedicates his time to delivering positive messages to events like the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Chicago Gala around topics along the lines of America in the New Millennium; Family, Faith and Freedom; and America the Exceptional.

He will be a valued addition to the Chicago Gala for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation on April 14, says Executive Director and wife of Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle.

“Lt. Col. Oliver North is a man that we are so honored to be hosting at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Gala,” said Taya Kyle. ”His outlook to life is very much in line with where Chris’ was when he finished his service – he is humble and wants to make a positive difference.

“His work within the military and veteran space perfectly complements the mission of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to serve the marriages of those who serve us in the military, veteran and first responder spheres.

“The anecdotal evidence we have from our alumni couples and university-backed research Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is currently engaging is showing that something as simple as giving a service couple a weekend away together has a positive effect on their marriages. With someone serving them, they are enabling themselves to realize why they originally liked – and then loved – one another.

“This allows the current generation and the next to grow together having formed those stronger bonds.”

In addition to Lt. Col. Oliver North, Taya Kyle will also be presenting at the Chicago Gala and a special, VIP Cocktail party will take place prior to official proceedings for VIPs and sponsors.

The Chicago Gala benefiting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency, O’Hare.

Individual tickets begin at $250 per person, with sponsorships (including full tables) starting at $3,000. Full information and purchase options are available at

Any organization or individual that cannot make the April 14 event – but wishes to purchase tickets that can be donated to military, veteran or first responder couples in and around the Chicago area – are welcomed and can be facilitated by contacting the CKFF team at [email protected]

More information about the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation  can be obtained at its website, Facebook:; Instagram: or Twitter: