I am so grateful to all of you who support Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and our mission to Honor God, Country, and Families Who Serve by caring for military and first responder marriages. Why are these marriages in need of our support? Because all marriages need help sometimes. When you add the fight against evil, trauma in the streets, fear for the safety of spouses, an inability to commit to plans due to job requirements, among other things, these marriages take more hits than most. The best way to serve those who serve us is to preserve the foundation they come home to.

Did you know that only about 1% of our citizens serve? The remaining 99% of us can show our gratitude by helping these families survive, and ideally thrive, while serving. A healthy marriage changes the dynamic for the individuals, the family unit and future generations who see their parents keep love alive even through life’s setbacks.

The CKFF team and I are so excited to be able to include a phenomenal program to our mix this year. Our Mastering Your Marriage program is launching through a partnership with both Baylor University and University of Texas. With your support, we were able to provide grants for research for military and first responder marriages specifically. Benefits of the research will go directly back into the couples you have entrusted us to serve. CKFF’s Revitalization Retreats, Date Night Out and Empowered Spouses Retreats have already changed lives in astounding ways. I believe this is because God is at the core of what we do. He brings us together to serve one another.

I have seen God bring beauty from the ashes of my life through good people like you. I am honored and humbled to be paying that gift forward. In supporting service member marriages through their trauma and resulting hardships, you and I help fulfill God’s promise to bring beauty from the ashes of their lives.

Thank you for helping us spread the word. Thank you for letting our service members know people in this country still care enough to take action on their behalf.

God bless you as you richly bless the lives of those who have volunteered to give their lives for our security.