Seabag Locker Coffee, owned and operated by Don and Penny Wingard now supports CKFF with their line of patriotic-themed coffee.

A husband and wife team, Penny retired after 20 years in the Navy while Don remains active duty Navy going on 28 years of service.

They transformed a passion for great coffee into a thriving business that they hope will bring numerous employment opportunities to military and law enforcement veterans as they grow.

Over their 23 year marriage, both have faced the trials, difficulties, and enjoyment that comes with being a dual service family.

“We both knew when we started the business that giving back would be a top priority. Our search focused on organizations that supported military and their families because that was our story – a dual military couple juggling the demands of raising children in this unique and rewarding environment. With careful consideration we found CKFF, it was the perfect fit!” says, Don.

Penny articulates some of their unique challenges:

“While one was away on deployment, the other took on the duties of serving their country and taking care of our children.  We’ve both dealt with the difficulties in acclimating with the family once the deployment ended.”

A portion of every sale will now be donated to Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to support programs designed to strengthen military and first responder marriages and families.

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