How would you raise $1000 for military, veteran, and first responder marriages and families? 5th Grade student Elizabeth, from Forest Lake Christian School in Grass Valley, California, had an idea to organize a bake sale as part of her school’s annual Veterans Celebration assembly.

After some research, Elizabeth decided she wanted to raise money for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

What happened next was amazing.

Elizabeth wrote a proposal, received permission from the school administration, and started promoting her idea. She made a flyer, distributed it to every student in the school, and offered a prize for the elementary class that brought the most treats.

Nearly every student at Forest Lake Christian School brought something for the bake sale.

Right after the Veterans Celebration, Elizabeth and her team of classmates opened for business gifting the participating veterans their choice of delicious items.

The paying customers were incredibly generous – the event earned $1001.46.

Elizabeth’s mom Betsy said her daughter never dreamed that her idea could become such an extraordinary success. Betsy saw this event as “…a way for students to learn to love their country, value their freedom, and honor every person they meet with dignity and respect.”

“We have been talking a lot in our family about ‘making God famous’ by the way we live and shining Jesus to the world. That is definitely her heart in this bake sale endeavor.”

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