This week, Taya Kyle and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation will host 24 spouses from the military and first responder communities in Wyoming for its third Empowered Spouses Retreat.

The Retreat – a vision of Ms. Kyle for the Foundation that honors her husband, American Sniper, Chris Kyle – takes place in a remote location and each of the women has the chance to unwind, compare and support each other around the stresses and strains a life of service provides and be taken out of their comfort zone with a range of activities that allow them to feel empowered.


Participants – including those new to the Foundation and a select few that have been involved in other programs with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation with their husbands – will have access to accredited coaches, along with the chance to spend time with Ms. Kyle herself.

Taya takes pride in being hands on for the Empowered Spouses Retreat, along with all programs that she volunteers her time to the Foundation for.

“The Empowered Spouses Retreats are such positive experiences that each time, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation team and I have left Wyoming with our hearts open and full, we’ve been warmed that these amazing women have been together – laughing, crying, hugging – and sharing their common experiences,” said Taya Kyle.


“The biggest affirmation that many of them find from the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Empowered Spouses Retreat is that they aren’t alone.

“They aren’t alone in their experiences, they aren’t alone in the strains and stresses a life of service places on their marriage and family life – and – they aren’t alone in that they have fellow spouses to share these experiences with.

“Our team has made lifelong friendships with many of our participants who take great delight in communicating with us how strong this program is for their spirit and how they can apply their learnings to their marriage.


“Taking them from their comfort zone into challenging activities like archery or skeet shooting in such a quiet, beautiful location leaves them with empowerment they may have not experienced in supporting their husband in the service community.

“We find this allows them to apply new approaches to their marriage and for most it is working for them.”

On average in 2018, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is impacting eight couples per week, however this is only 15% of those who approach the Foundation to partake in one of its programs.

“We are constantly seeking support to allow us to improve the number of military, veteran and first responders that we’re impacting,” added Ms. Kyle. “We’re a small team that relies on donations from members of the public, modest apparel sales and corporate supporters.

“With each donation, we can do something as small as supply a bunch of flowers to a couple ($25); to a couple’s session with a culturally competent counsellor ($100); to a full Revitalization Retreat weekend for larger donations.”

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