We launched the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in 2014 with the aim of making a difference in the lives of married service couples around the country. By providing opportunities that life in the military or as a first responder may not afford them; whether that be due to time constraints, financial hardship and sadly, of course, injury or treatment; the CKFF team is doing whatever it takes to serve the marriages of those that serve us.

I remember the emotion of the first award call we made – then meeting that couple in Jamaica and how excited they were.

I’m proud to see the development of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation since that time. We now have four programs in operation – Date Night Out, Revitalization Retreats, Empowered Spouses Retreat and Mastering Your Marriage. This first quarter of 2018 has allowed us to serve more couples than ever before. 

So far in 2018 on average, over 8 marriages per week have been impacted by a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Program. The number equates to around 2.5 people every single day within the service community over the past three months that is feeling the support of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation! We’ve had so many amazing couples come into our ‘CKFF Family’ with heart-warming stories to tell. 

Overwhelmingly, when a couple has been impacted by a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation program, the feedback also has common themes of affirmation: “we felt instantly at peace”, “we were able to communicate in ways we haven’t for years”, “he/she changed from the moment we arrived”, “we’ve continued to communicate since returning and things have never been better”.

As in every part of life, there isn’t always a silver lining, and of course, there are opportunities as an organization that may have fallen through the cracks – but God has his plan, and we must pace our grace in concert with that.

At this point of writing, we’re about to graduate our first group of Mastering Your Marriage participants. 42 couples from the military and first responder communities in Texas committed to this program – which has been an intense six-month curriculum-based program with Baylor University and the University of Texas, with support from The Moody Foundation and USAA.

Seeing these couples nervously gather the first weekend and then seeing the bonds that have been formed between them following their development – many who only met for the first time at the opening weekend has been so uplifting. They’ve realized they aren’t alone in feeling ‘that way.’

Their commitment to the six-month program shows a huge leap of faith from them to us in our ability to give them the tools they need to improve their marriage and to carry that ripple of positivity through to their family and friends.

Your support helps us daily to bring new couples to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and help deliver them the tools they need to build a stronger marriage platform. CKFF is not receiving Government grants – it’s the hard work of our team and donations from individuals and organizations allow us to build on those 2.5 people we can assist each day. 

We are always looking for opportunities, whether it is for a Date Night Out through a local restaurant or entertainment facility; a sporting team your company sponsors or general opportunities to provide services for our couples on Revitalization Retreats – so please reach out through our partner or contact pages. 

Our team also wants to hear from more couples from military service, veteran and first responder communities – nominate yourself for one of our programs and take some time out from service, pamper yourselves and each other by letting our Chris Kyle Frog Foundation team serve you. We know you’ll love it!

The number of couples the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has impacted in the first quarter of 2018 shows how much we, as a collective, can achieve now and in the future. Our team set itself a challenge in 2018 to broaden our impact. And they are doing it. 

I’m now challenging you to help the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation serve those who serve us -I think we can be even stronger next quarter and for the remainder of 2018!

Thank you for your continued support of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

Take care and God Bless,


Micah 6:8