The MHHS Jaguars with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation flag

The Director of Athletic Performance at MHHS in Midlothian, TX, Chris Terry held a special ceremony during September 11 week to raise a flag carrying the logo of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

Chris Terry – who acts as the Director of Athletic Performance – took the initiative to hang the flag in the weight room to inspire his students. He is looking to instill in them the values that Kyle displayed during his four tours of Iraq, which saw him protect the lives of many fellow Americans in the midst of infamous battles like Fallujah and Ramadi.  

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“Chris Kyle has meant so much to this state and to this Country,” explained Coach Terry.  “What I believe he stood for are great qualities that our young athletes should embody and aspire to. Those values are Service, Leadership, Justice, Patriotism, and God.”

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation provides experiences to military, veteran and first responder couples to assist the survival of their marriages during or after the rigours of service.

The Foundation has been based on the principles of reaching out and giving a lift to those who needed it. This is what Chief Petty Officer Kyle set about doing after his four tours of Iraq and unexpected fame through the publishing of American Sniper.

He was just starting to gain traction with the work he was doing among veterans when his life and that of friend, Chad Littlefield, was cruelly cut short while helping a returned Marine at a gun ranch in February 2013.

Undeterred, Taya aimed to carry out his vision and established the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation on Veteran’s Day 2013, just prior to the launch of the Clint Eastwood directed movie, American Sniper about Chris and Taya’s life as a military couple and a military family.

The flag now flying in MHHS espouses the mission of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation: They Fight for Us –  We Fight for Them.

“To freely train our athletes and have our athletes freely train in our weight room here is due to the sacrifice of thousands of servicemen and women for the greatest country in the world: The U.S.A,” added Coach Terry.

“We chose this flag to hang, not only to honor Chris and his service, but every single service member who sacrifice so much – and to ensure they are front of mind every single time our athletes enter this gym.”

The MHHS Team football team ran out onto the field against a Dallas team this past weekend with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation flag flying high. In a gesture that was picked up by local area news, the MHHS Jaguars offered a show of sportsmanship to their rivals at halftime to have them run out of their blowup tunnel. The Jaguars were winning at the time by 50-6.

WATCH – MHHS Jaguars’ show of sportsmanship

Funds raised by the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation go towards providing experiences such as the annual CKFF Empowered Spouses Retreat which gathers military servicewomen, first responders and the wives of veterans and first responders for a women’s only retreat.

The Foundation’s signature program is a Revitalization Retreat, which is an intimate opportunity for couples to escape, alone, and re-connect.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand it’s reach for military, veteran and first responder couples and indeed nominations for Revitatlization Retreats and other programs can be made through the Foundation’s website at

Opportunities also exist for organizations to volunteer for the Foundation through the provision of services.

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