Find your nearest CKFF Sale Outlet

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has launched its biggest sale ever – for a limited time, our merchandise is now available in 700 stores nationwide in a sale to honor our Veterans this Veterans Day.

We’ve partnered with some of America’s most respected rural and outdoor retail outlets to spread the message of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and its mission¬†to honor GOD, Country and Families who serve – while also honoring our co-founder,¬†American Sniper, Chris Kyle.

To find your nearest outlet, enter your location below – you can search by address, city, state or ZIP Code. The generator will show you a list of the nearest stores within the limits applied. Click the pin for directions and details of your nearest stores.

Once you get your hands on your Chris Kyle Frog Foundation merchandise from your nearest store, be sure to share it with the hashtags #HonorChrisKyle and #ServeWithUs.