Mastering Your Marriage Dashboard (2018) - Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Mastering Your Marriage Dashboard (2018)


Welcome to the online dashboard for Mastering Your Marriage! This will be your centralized location to view curriculum, links for Facebook pages, and other supplemental resources for you and your spouse. Each month, check back here for that month’s topic and video and then meet with your Squad to discuss how it impacts your relationship.

Commitment Pledge

I, do sincerely and truly declare and affirm,
that I will faithfully pursue your heart,
that I will protect and defend our marriage,
against all enemies both internal and external,
that I will bear true faith and allegiance to you,
with fairness, integrity, and diligence,
that I will faithfully commit to you,
and surrender to the process,
that I take this oath freely,
without mental reservation or purpose of evasion,
so Help me God.