In 2015 we launched our signature program, CKFF Revitalization Retreats (RR), which are designed to empower married couples to maintain a whole and healthy functioning family unit. Here’s a snapshot of what we have accomplished since that time and have planned for the future:


  • Tripled the number of CKFF Revitalization Retreats while expanding our services to include clinical support, personalized coaching, as well as a CKFF Alumni program designed to create a community of supportive military and first responder couples who encourage each other in the worthwhile, but sometimes difficult journey of marriage.
  • Launched Date Night Out programs as an opportunity to say “thank you” and allow military and first responder couples to come together in a community environment, to have fun and remember that shared joyful experiences are an important component in healthy marriages.
  • Launched Empowered Spouses Retreat, an intensive group retreat experience for military, veteran, and first responder female spouses designed to provide a new perspective in a remote outdoor setting supplemented with clinical coaching.


  • Refine and enhance CKFF programming providing a suite of services that range from light to comprehensive experiences for military, veteran, and first responder married couples.
  • Deepen our community network by enhancing the CKFF Alumni experience and providing an opportunity for CKFF Alumni to give back to the communities they know so well.
  • Establish a Programming Advisory Board to expand engagement and to provide feedback that guides CKFF’s programming strategies and growth.
  • Pilot launch of CKFF Mastering Your Marriage (MYM). This program is designed to be truly transformative, not only for the couples who commit and participate but also for an entire community of veterans, active duty military, and first responder married couples by empowering the mental health clinicians who work in communities across this nation.

Looking Ahead: 2018 and Beyond

CKFF’s vision for programming is one that is strategic, collaborative, and evidence-based. Programs will continue to launch in “pilot” status, with the Foundation learning from each launch. Programs that demonstrate improved outcomes will move to the “operational” stage while we continue to improve our ability to measure and share those outcomes. Our long-term vision includes programs that help to build stronger relationships between military, veterans and first responder marriages as well as the communities in which they live and serve. Some of the ideas our Board and Team are considering include:

  • Research-based partnerships: CKFF will grow its impact by partnering with researchers and national experts in marriage, trauma, and counseling.
  • New networks providing comprehensive services: Collaborative relationships with peer nonprofits whose mission complements—but does not duplicate–CKFF’s mission.
  • Sharing what we learn: Expanded use of CKFF’s platform, partnerships, and growing programming slate to share tools and information with the community at-large.