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The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s (CKFF) vision for programming is one that is strategic, collaborative, and evidence-based. Since our organization was founded, we’ve developed an extensive network and well-rounded resources. CKFF’s unique and innovative programs have proven effective in keeping service marriages together, strengthening the family, as well as having a ripple effect on communities and future generations. Our long-term vision includes programs that help build stronger relationships between military and first responder marriages, as well as the communities in which they live and serve.

Our current programs include:

Community Impact Report

We’ve significantly increased the impact that our programs have had on our military and first responder couples across America and have served over 2,200 individuals since our launch in 2015. As you will see in this report, the work of our team is having a world-changing impact.

Community Impact Report - July 2018

Impact Numbers

Number of Individuals

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Date Night Out

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Revitalization Retreat

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Empowered Spouses Retreat

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Mastering Your Marriage

Impact of Your Donation

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Child Care During Participation in a CKFF Program

Pictured: Caleb & Rocsana - CKFF Mastering Your Marriage Alumni

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Marriage Coaching Session with a Licensed Professional Counselor

Pictured: Josh & Traci - CKFF Revitalization Retreat Recipients

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Day or Evening of CKFF Program Participation

Pictured: Peter & Sierra - CKFF Revitalization Retreat Recipients

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Coaching Session, Lodging and Meals in CKFF Program

Pictured: Spouses participating in a CKFF Empowered Spouses Retreat