Empowered Spouses Retreat - Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Empowered Spouses Retreat

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) Empowered Spouses Retreat (ESR) brings together military and first responder spouses from all over the country for a weekend filled with inspiration, new friends, personal and group challenges, and professional guidance.

During the ESR, spouses can connect with other service spouses who are likely dealing with the same demands service life places upon them. Spouses are also provided opportunities to step outside of their comfort zones by trying new activities such as archery and clay shooting.

ESRs are often held in remote settings such as Wyoming and Georgia where service spouses can get away from the everyday hustle to spend time in nature and practice mindfulness. A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) will guide ESR participants through facilitated discussions designed to improve communication skills they can utilize at home with their loved ones and beyond.

CKFF reaches out to military and first responder spouses who have previously participated in other CKFF programs, or departments that have been impacted by tragedy, to participate in an ESR.

Special thanks to these Partners for supporting our Empowered Spouses Retreat program: