Mastering Your Marriage

Taya’s Letter to The Moody Foundation


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Chris Kyle Frog Foundation’s Mastering Your Marriage (MYM) experience is the Foundation’s most ambitious programming planned to date. It realizes the Foundation’s vision to make a difference that is transformative, large-scale, and measurable for military, veteran, and first responder marriages and families.

The Texas-based launch for MYM will be designed to deliver a comprehensive experience to married couples combined with a training and education component for clinicians allowing them to understand the unique issues that a life of service creates. By partnering with respected research universities, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University and The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work, the Foundation will be able to design and deliver a curriculum that makes a difference for both the couples directly, as well as the clinicians that will continue to work with service couples the Foundation may never come directly into contact with.

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation believes in the ripple effect. To that, MYM will be designed with replication in mind so that the program can expand to other geographic areas in each successive year, creating a wave of improved outcomes that will grow annually.

We’re still working hard on MYM as we plan the first orientation weekend, a 6-month follow-up curriculum, and a capstone experience designed to help transition marriages and families to the next level. We’re grateful for our partners who have dared to dream big with us on this program.

A special thank you to The Moody Foundation whose grant for seed funding helped to start the planning process for this important work. Please read Taya’s emotional letter to the Board of Trustees about this program.

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