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Mastering Your Marriage

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) knows that if service marriages are going to truly succeed, they need marriage curriculum that is as equally unique as their marriage. Mastering Your Marriage (MYM) offers a unique approach that combines retreat and respite with new tools that help couples truly begin to thrive in their service marriages. CKFF has partnered with Baylor University's Diana R. Garland School of Social Work to offer a program that empowers couples to create a new vision for their marriage and family.

MYM's innovative approach unfolds in three distinct phases:


Phase One: Orientation Retreat

Couples join the CKFF family and Baylor University at an orientation event that provides a retreat from the day-to-day intensity of service lifestyles. At MYM orientation, couples will lay a positive foundation by exploring the distinct challenges that are unique to a service marriage with MYM Coaches as well as other couples committed to thriving in a service environment.

Phase Two: Marriage Enrichment

Couples will continue to learn new skills through a monthly web-based curriculum that provides the opportunity to dive deep and learn more about thriving through service. This phase also includes ongoing contact with CKFF and peer mentors, as well as some fun (and possibly sexy) Date Night Out homework assignments.

Phase Three: Capstone Connection

A Capstone event provides couples with the opportunity to reconnect with the CKFF team, peer mentors, and each other as they celebrate the new skills required to have a joyful, rich and abundant marriage.

CKFF and its partners believe that military and first responder couples need marriage support that caters to their busy lifestyle. The MYM curriculum is delivered in an innovative way that is both flexible and convenient. We want couples to have every opportunity to begin to feel a sense of mastery and confidence in their marriage. By investing in both the family and the community, MYM hopes to bring lasting, self-sustaining change to entire communities.

MYM is not currently recommended for couples who are dealing with domestic violence, substance abuse requiring inpatient services, active suicidal behaviors or other severe concerns. If you believe that your marriage is in crisis and need more immediate help, please contact a local professional or for emergencies call 911.

Applications for Mastering Your Marriage (MYM) are now open. MYM is currently available to couples based in a 275-mile radius of Dallas, TX. There is a $150 refundable deposit required if chosen to participate in MYM. If needed, a flexible payment option will be provided on a case by case basis. Please note that the Orientation Retreat will be August 9-11, 2019 in Belton, TX.

MYM should not be considered intensive clinical couples therapy. If you believe that your marriage is in crisis and need more immediate help, please contact a local professional or for emergencies call 911.

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