Revitalization Retreat - Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Revitalization Retreat

Revitalization Retreats (RR) are the flagship program at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) and are directly inspired by the personal experiences of Chris and Taya Kyle. Our retreats represent a unique opportunity for military and first responder couples to downshift from the intensity of a service-focused life and reconnect with a weekend all to themselves.

Before a Revitalization Retreat, couples are paired with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who provides two (2) coaching sessions focused around the CliftonStrengths assessment designed to build stronger team functioning through identifying strengths and reducing conflict. After the retreat, couples have an additional three (3) sessions available to them. Once the 5-sesssion series is complete, couples will be referred to additional resources as needed.

Upon return from a retreat, couples are also welcomed to the CKFF Alumni cohort, which includes continued contact and participation with our foundation as well as a private Facebook group open only to CKFF program Alumni.

Special thanks to these Partners for supporting our Revitalization Retreat program: