Nominate A Couple

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation accepts nominations from individuals and organizations that wish to see a family member, a friend, a colleague, or even themselves benefit from a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Revitalization Retreat.

If you are a first responder or military couple who requires assistance in re-connection, we ask you to nominate yourself below – or if you are a friend or related to one of these couples – or as an organization wish to nominate someone you know – please complete the below forms.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is committed to reviewing each and every nomination with the same level of care.

Criteria for Consideration

  • Married couple
  • At least one partner
    • currently or previously enlisted in the military
    • serving or has served as a first responder
  • Desire and need for time to nourish their marriage and their family
  • Receptive to receiving marital support to reconnect

Personalized confidential online couples coaching sessions are also offered as a component of the CKFF Revitalization Retreat Experience