Revitalization Retreats

Revitalization Retreats (RR) are the flagship program at CKFF and are directly inspired by the personal experience of Chris and Taya Kyle.  RRs represent a unique opportunity for military and first responder families to downshift from the intensity of mission-focused life of service and reconnect. Revitalization Retreats range from quiet countryside weekends to rock star events. CKFF’s goal is to provide married military, veteran, and first responder couples with one-on-one time to enrich their relationship, allow them to ‘reconnect’ and remember what they love about each other.

Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has three nomination periods per year:

  • January 1st to April 30th
  • May 1st to August 31st
  • September 1st to December 31st

All applicants will receive notice of their status via email no later than six weeks after applications close. We encourage you to apply to each nomination period.

What We Do

Selected couples are welcomed to the CKFF Family with a personal phone call or a meaningful experience designed to make the couple feel appreciated and supported. They are then assigned a CKFF concierge who will plan each aspect of the RR with the couple’s input and feedback.  Couples may also be assigned a CKFF Alumni Mentor.  CKFF Alumni Mentors are couples whom have already experienced a Revitalization Retreat and who want to “pay it forward” by welcoming and encouraging other married couples.

For the Retreat, the Foundation will plan and fund all transportation, all accommodations, meals, predetermined activities and experiences, entertainment, child care (may include family travel), personalized gifts upon arrival,


After the Revitalization Retreat, couples are paired with a licensed professional counselor who provides a 5-session series of coaching focused around the StrengthsFinder assessment designed to build stronger team functioning through identifying strengths and reducing conflict. Once the 5-sesssion series is completed, couples will be referred to an additional resource as needed.

Upon return, couples are also welcomed to the CKFF Alumni cohort, which includes continued contact and participation with CKFF as well as a private Facebook group open only to CKFF Alumni. There is a service component open to those couples whom would like to mentor and welcome new CKFF married couples.

What we ask of Grantees

Couples are nominated or can apply. They must be available for interview and all information will be verified via independent means. All couples will provide written acknowledgments to donors and will engage in an appropriate storytelling campaign.  All couples must agree to have a dang good time.  Here’s a quick glimpse back at some of our 2015 couples.